Bumpdate: 24 weeks


How far along: 24 weeks

Due date: C-section on the books for July 6th!

Babies are the size of: Grapefruits 

Weight gain: 30 pounds... debating how long I want to keep posting this detail ;)

Size: Measuring 28 weeks (for a single pregnancy) which is right on track for twins

Sleep: Thinking of ordering one of those crazy pregnancy pillows. I could use a little help. 

Maternity Clothes: Thoughts - how much longer can I pose in this white tank top?

Food Cravings: Raspberry filled glazed donuts, crackers, fruit smoothies

Scariest Moment So Far: Midnight trip to the hospital to determine if my water had broken. First test was positive for amniotic fluid (bad news). 

Best Moment So Far: Determining that everyone was fully packed in liquid and there were no leaks in the pool (good news).

Changes: Had to stop singing at 21 weeks (major bummer) for lack of lung capacity. Also I can't get the mail... our driveway is too steep. I am this close to needing oxygen tanks and a motorized cart. 

Health Check: Passed my second glucose test and my blood pressure is normal. My iron is low, though. No surprises there. 

Looking Pregnant: A man offered to let me use the restroom before him in a disgustingly full 7-11. It's no longer just mothers who take pity on me. 

Movement: Feeling them a lot now. Love those little feet... even when they're kicking the crap out of me. 


Katelyn & Jason

Its been one of those weeks where when it rains, it pours. And not in the refreshing kind of way. I was so glad to finally package and ship 125 of these natural-meets-summertime wedding invitations! After numerous set backs (including ripping apart, reprinting, gluing and assembling 40 of these bad boys after I noticed a mark on the paper) we were in business. I hope the bride is as happy with the outcome as I am :)




Bumpdate: 20 weeks

How far along: 20 weeks

Due date: C-section on the books for July 6th! Hoping no one tries to sneak out extra early. 

Babies are the size of: Cantaloupes

Weight gain: 20 pounds

Sleep: Getting more difficult. Now that I can't sleep on my back, it's all I want to do. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes, and yes. I could use more... I'm putting a lot of pressure on these jeans. 

Food Cravings: Shamrock Shakes

Best Moment So Far: Matt feeling his first kick! 

Genders: Double checked - still one boy and one girl :)

Changes: Officially on Level 1 Bed Rest. That doesn't mean much... yet. 

Looking Pregnant: A stranger offered me the only empty table at a VERY crowded food court in Tyson's Corner this weekend. I could have cried with gratitude. 

Superlatives: The "Fat Baby" torch has officially been passed. Little Girl A is an once bigger than her brother. 


Welcome Stella

Here's a sneak peak of the birth announcements for a special little lady. Isn't she precious?! Congratulations to Robbie, Liz and big brother Noah :) 




Bumpdate: 17 weeks

How far along: 17 weeks

Due date: July 23-25 (Baby B, aka Fat Baby, is two "days" bigger)

Babies are the size of: Onions

Weight gain: 17 pounds 

Sleep: Still pretty good... getting harder to roll over

Maternity Clothes: All you suckers out there with buttons and zippers - elastic waistbands are where it's at!

Food Cravings: Gummy Bears,  Chipotle, and chocolate-dipped fruit (that could be a Valentine's Day thing)

Best Moment So Far: Surprise gender reveal at our 16 week sonogram

Genders: Boy AND Girl - so excited!

Changes: Sore feet. Please tell me this doesn't mean I have to start wearing sneakers

Funniest Moment This Week: Trying to explain the difference between identical and fraternal twins to my hair dresser. Does anyone know the Vietnamese word for ovulate, fertilization or dizygotic?

Looking Forward To: Feeling them move around and being certain I'm not making it up

Here are the latest sonogram pictures. Both babies are breech and Baby A decided to be sunny side down during the photo shoot. She just wanted to show off her dinosaur spine. Baby B is just chillin with his cute little bobble head.