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In the Heat of the Night

I love where we live. You can't beat the location, living expenses or adorable set-up. But life at Camp McLean has its own share of annoying quirks. For example:

A house made of wood, in the woods. At any given moment there are birds nestling into our walls, squirrels base jumping from our roof and pests eating the foundation. Our first summer here, 2 dearly departed raccoons were found in our attic. As if the smell wasn't enough of a housewarming gift, you should have seen the flies.

Creaky joints and leaky faucets. Typical older house stuff. Stuck drawers. Wobbly vents. As I was trying to write this, the faucet in the master bedroom refused to turn off. Gushing hot water and me without a clue.

Temperature control. The old gal's got a bit of a draft. This recent heat wave has left our bedroom a sweltering mess.

I'm already a fussy sleeper. Add to that the heat, and I have really been having a hard time recently. Perhaps some of that can be blamed on the Human Torch sleeping next to me... but I have struggled to get comfortable. Yesterday I bought a second fan for our bedroom, hoping to create some cross-winds over our bed.

Awesomely vintage-inspired fan and the best night sleep I've had in days. Win Win.

Hunter 90400 (currently at Target)

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