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¿Cómo se dice... slow start, strong finish?

We’re home from our Mexican get-a-way. It was an amazing trip, but much like this work week, it got off to a bit of a slow start.

After 2 delayed flights, we crash landed* in a dreary, rain-soaked Cancun Airport. Is there anything more depressing than soggy tourists lining up in a dank customs room? Holding their sad straw hats, regretting the decision to wear cut-offs.

Our driver, Jose, picked us up for the half-hour shuttle ride. He was chatty, that Jose, and I was feeling decidedly un-festive by that point in our day. It was pouring and several roads were closed due to flooding... not exactly what I had in mind. Jose told us that there was a Tropical Depression and the weather would be bad all week. I tried to inject some hope into the conversation, but he laughed and said I must not have checked the weather report. Crap. He was right.

By the time we arrived to our resort, I had really tanked. Hungry. Wet. Tired. I wanted to immediately change out of my long, beachy dress and into sweats. Of course, I didn’t pack those. At check-in there was some talk of an Excursion Bonus Card*. Amazing discounts on every type of outing Mexico had to offer. All you needed to do was attend a Vacation Club breakfast. Huh? Somewhere deep in my psyche alarm bells were going off. But, my defenses were weakened, and somehow we agreed.

At this point, the only good news was that our suite was AMAZING and everyone thought we were on our honeymoon. “You look so young!” I had 4 nightmares the first night about our impending sales breakfast. Thankfully, the whole thing was mostly benign. We got an exclusive tour of the resort and I was confident that no matter what they tried, I was NOT agreeing to anything. They were tough, but I was tougher. They brought in a “closer” to try and convince us after 20 minutes of saying no. I was like Stonewall Jackson.; an impenetrable force of negativity. And in this analogy, the South wins the war.

By that point, we were into our second day and it wasn’t feeling very vacationy. We had nowhere to go but up. The real turning point was that afternoon when I ate a Snickers bar in bed. Now we’re talking! Things started to skyrocket from then on. Oh, and that Tropical Depression Jose warned us about? It never rained another drop.

Food: French toast in the breakfast buffet and chicken nachos delivered pool-side. 

Single Moment: getting massages on the beach.

Typical Day: sleep in, get breakfast, head to the pool, swim/read/nap, have drinks and lunch delivered to your chair, swim/read/nap some more, head to beach for change of scenery, shower and dress for dinner, go out to eat on-site, walk on beach/see show/watch Mexican TV, go night-swimming in pool or hot tub, relax some more and go to bed.

Biggest Accomplishment: Andy, reading the entire Hunger Games Trilogy. Matt, speaking an impressive amount of Spanish.

Funniest Moment: Purchasing “stomach medicine” at the mini-mart and making up names for all of the pool regulars (ex: Smokey Grandma, Hot Couple, Black Frasier).

Inspirational Moment: Seeing a couple (coincidentally enough, Black Frasier and his wife) renew their vows on the beach. It was their 25th anniversary. I congratulated them and told the wife it was our 5th. Her response? “It only gets better from here.”

Music: The pool DJ really liked Katy Perry and Ke$ha... but that’s what iPods are for. We also heard several renditions of “La Bamba.”

Climate: Lets put it this way, I never bothered to unpack the straight iron. The humidity did the same thing to my hair as it did to the pages of my book. I decided to go with it.

Features: All inclusive with free wifi. Amazing.

At the end of the day, the good far outweighed the bad. We relaxed to the point of being comatose, and it was glorious.

*Ok, not quite. But the storm did make for an unpleasant arrival and I have decided that I’m not a care-free flyer.

*Never did use that stupid thing.

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