[on my mind] SEEING IT IN PRINT

There are few things more satisfying for a designer than seeing their work in print. Even better - getting to see their creation in the environment it was created for. Below are pictures from a friend's wedding this fall. To date, this is some of my favorite work! A big part of the fun was getting to do so many other pieces than just the invitations.


Programs. The bride and groom used their full names on the invitation, so I loved the more personal touch of their "nicknames" on here.  

 Menus. Here we simplified the flourish and used a monogram. I love the script highlighting each course.

Place Cards. The hours of typing in each guest's name was worth it when I saw these! It's like a well-dressed army. I'm so in love. 

Table Numbers. This wedding had so many special touches that tied into the invitations and save-the-date cards. What a simple, yet beautiful, way to bring everything together. 

photography by Ben Keeling


[on my desk] NEW STATIONERY

My life is running in a million different directions - so it's always nice when something I've dreamed up actually sees light of day. Check out the new personalized stationery I'm working on. The bold, multi-shaded type was originally inspired for a friend's wedding invitation. I couldn't get enough of the look and needed more places to use it! 

These are for a little girl's birthday party this weekend - but I'm working on more for the shop. Can't wait to make some for myself!

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