It's a...



My Heart to Yours

Working on some special stationery today. These hands belong to my beautiful friend Lisa Jones who asked me to help her with a birthday surprise for her mom. I love this picture so much - I'm thinking of stealing it for Valentine's Day :)

Lisa's photography by Whitney Knutson


Tales from the Bump

As promised, here is a Baby Factory update. I know many of you are interested in my ongoing science experiment: "What Happens to Your Body When Carrying Twins?" Let's find out... shall we? 

How far along: 13 weeks

Due date: July 23-25 (Baby B, aka Fat Baby, is two "days" bigger)

Babies are the size of: Peaches 

Weight gain: 7-9 pounds depending on my scale that morning

Sleep: Wonderful, until I have to get up to pee

Maternity Clothes: Mostly still in regular clothes... bought a few transitional pieces 

Food Cravings: Doritos and Japanese Steakhouse. A lot of everything honestly, I'm a beast these days! 

Genders: Won't know for a few more weeks... but yes, we're finding out. Any guesses?

Changes: Lots of new growing pains. It can't be getting cramped in there already guys?!

Work: Still plugging away! Lots of fun upcoming projects to do while I can still sit at a desk. 

Best Moment So Far: Hearing two strong heartbeats last week - amazing! 

Funniest Moment This Week: Child-like meltdown due to INTENSE hunger while being unable to zip up my jeans so we could get out the door to eat. 

Here's a little look at the babies from their latest photo shoot. Last time we saw them, they looked like smudgy peanuts... now they are definitely mini humans. Crazy! 



Surprise Surprise 

This year we had extra fun designing and sending out Christmas cards. In case you missed it... 

We're doubling! And yes, that means I'm pregnant with twins, not that we're getting dogs (which someone guessed, haha). Babies arrive in July. Here's to a crazy, exciting adventure. Times two :) 


Stationary to Stationery 

Wow. It has been one heck of a Fall. 

The great thing about freelance is when you are overwhelmed with life, you can choose to shut off the working world. Of course, if you enjoy what you do, you start missing it eventually. Also paychecks. Those are important. 

Today I'm back on the stationery horse - mailing these cards to Cape Cod. At least I resurfaced by Christmas, huh?