Refresher Course 

Working from home: that glorious, free-wheeling, vocational dream. However, if you're like me, you know discipline can get lost in all that flexibility.

After writing, and ignoring, some rules for home employment, I've decided to revisit this all too necessary subject. Here is a brief refresher course on Rules 1 & 2. 


As tempting as it may sound, wearing your sweats to work from home is a bad idea. They're cozy, they're comfortable - they will make you want to lay on the couch. Trust me. 

Productivity requires a little effort on your part. The most successful way to start your work day is to shower and put on real clothes. I'm talking no elastic waste-bands. But, this is the home office, so we can fudge on that occasionally. At the very least, ask yourself this question when getting ready: "could I answer the door in this?" 

That means: proper (unexposed) underwear, brushed hair and teeth, enough makeup to not scare the neighbors, no holes or stains, and bonus points for matching. You work from home, you're not a bum. I like to feel somewhat accomplished when I walk out to get the mail. If I have to change before I do that, I've made some wrong turns in my day. 

When setting up the ideal home office, audial ambiance is an important feature. Sitting in silence is not an option for me. I am not that focused nor comfortable with that much alone time. 

The most obvious choice is music - easy, accessible, able to meet a variety of needs. To perk myself up, it's the Beatles. To keep myself calm, it's Death Cab. This morning, it was Hall and Oates. You get the idea. But you're smart, you've already figured out music makes for a good co-worker. What else?

Depending on your task, audiobooks are a good choice. Now, you can't really pay attention to a complicated plot line while answering email. However, I find it a stimulating background while the other half of my brain is designing (or cleaning). The only bummer is having to pause anytime you mentally stopover in the left hemisphere. 

Finally, we can all agree that parking yourself in front of the television won't do much for your productivity. But I have to admit, TV can accompany your workday when used properly. In a technique I call "artificial companionship" I like to keep the TV on a very specific channel (usually the Food Network). The way my desk is positioned in the house, I can hear the TV, but not see it. I can't even crane my neck to sneak a peak. I keep the volume loud enough to make my apartment feel like a bustling office, but quiet enough that I can't catch all the ingredients going into that marinade.  

Warning, technique less effective when it's a hulu marathon of 30 Rock. 



Table 3

I've said it before and I'll say it agin: the most satisfying part of my job is seeing a finished project in its "natural habitat." Sometimes that's getting my own invitations or postcards in the mail. Other times, like this weekend, it's getting to sit at Table 3. 

Saturday Matt and I celebrated with Sean & Trish (Sean and Matt are co-workers) at their gorgeous plantation wedding in Leesburg, Va. I loved walking into the tent and seeing all the little table numbers poking up. Although I missed that photo-op, I did grab a quick picture with the beautiful bride :)

We had a great time. And you KNOW we love a wedding photo booth! 


In the Heat of the Night

I love where we live. You can't beat the location, living expenses or adorable set-up. But life at Camp McLean has its own share of annoying quirks. For example:

A house made of wood, in the woods. At any given moment there are birds nestling into our walls, squirrels base jumping from our roof and pests eating the foundation. Our first summer here, 2 dearly departed raccoons were found in our attic. As if the smell wasn't enough of a housewarming gift, you should have seen the flies.

Creaky joints and leaky faucets. Typical older house stuff. Stuck drawers. Wobbly vents. As I was trying to write this, the faucet in the master bedroom refused to turn off. Gushing hot water and me without a clue.

Temperature control. The old gal's got a bit of a draft. This recent heat wave has left our bedroom a sweltering mess.

I'm already a fussy sleeper. Add to that the heat, and I have really been having a hard time recently. Perhaps some of that can be blamed on the Human Torch sleeping next to me... but I have struggled to get comfortable. Yesterday I bought a second fan for our bedroom, hoping to create some cross-winds over our bed.

Awesomely vintage-inspired fan and the best night sleep I've had in days. Win Win.

Hunter 90400 (currently at Target)


Wedding Factory

Working on design, printing and assembly for 3 weddings this week! Must be that time of year. Also giving the website a bit of a facelift. More to come!

Progress underway for a set of table numbers.


Strawberry Lemonade 

Sneak peak of some adorably bright invitations for a Summer wedding. Strawberry lemonade, anyone?