Get Away

When it comes to time-off, I prefer travel over vacation. It's a big world out there and I have a lot of pins left to drop. But let's be honest; there's a time and a place for mindless hours of beachy relaxation. Such a time has arrived!

Matt and I will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in June. That, plus a year of no rest and a well timed deal on Living Social = a week in Mexico. Let the day dreaming begin...

1 Straw Fedora : Target 2 Beaded Necklace : Calypso St. Barth for Target 3 Tie Dye Silk Scarf : Calypso St. Barth for Target 4 V-cut Halter Tank : J.Crew 5 Hypnotic Maxi Dress : Anthropologie


Like A Rolling Stone

Our usual excitement continued this afternoon when I heard from Matt. He had been admitted to the ER with crippling abdominal pain. This is alarming, of course, but especially knowing my husband. Mr. Perfect Attendance in school. A man so opposed to missing work or going to the doctor that I knew something was very wrong. Perhaps most alarming was the fact that he was there by himself. Who quietly leaves work to drive themself to the hospital while doubled over in pain?

Turns out the poor guy has kidney stones. Those in the club can literally feel his pain. It's "small" (no sharp, foreign object in your body feels small) so he will be passing it the old fashioned way: with a little luck, a lot of fluids and a healthy amount of percocet. 

I'm in prime Florence Nightingale mode. The house is stocked with Power Ade, Ice Cream and Oreos (because that is sure to ease the pain). We've got heating pads, good TV and plenty of juice for the iPhone. Any other ideas to ensure a smooth ride?

[4/20/2011 - Matt looking happy after an IV of goodness. AKA Dilaudid.]


Second Chances 

I'm not big on regrets, that road is a slippery slope. There are only a few things that ache in my mind as missed opportunity.

After my grandparents passed we made the final trip to their house in New York. As we packed up, there was one particular item I wanted to take with me. The original front door grate; wire frame with S monogram (for Schermerhorn) was the iconic symbol of the house I loved.

Emotions were high and the thought of jumping through hoops for a rusted door accessory seemed like too much to ask. Especially considering I was a college student with no house, no door, and no S in my name. It felt wrong to leave without it... I remember watching the door as we drove away. With a pit in my stomach.

Seven years later I haven't forgotten it. When I pass similar houses, I think about it. When I dream of having my own home, I picture it (especially now that I do have an S in my name). Thankfully there are occasional second chances in life.

Yesterday I woke up to a newsletter from Three Potato Four featuring these. That's it! That's my S. Beautifully freed from the mesh frame and calling to me. Although painfully priced, I couldn't miss another opportunity for this (past and present) family monogram.

Still working on having my own door to hang it on...


Grown Up Grilled Cheese

A little Brie melted on French Bread and drizzled with honey. Possibly my favorite lunch in the world.


I Like Bike

This week marks the 2 year anniversary of our move to McLean (the longest we've stayed in one place)! And ever since I arrived those 2 years ago, my sister has been begging me to go bike riding.

Truth is, I'm in desperate need of a new ride. I do still have the bike of my youth, but after serious neglect, several moves and a long stretch of living outdoors, it's basically a collection of rusty bolts. I am now antsy for a shiny new bike before this glorious Spring turns to oppressive Summer heat.


I love this retro inspired Cruiser! It is not only adorable, but has 7 speeds (about 6 more than the traditional beach cruisers) which is a must for my hilly neighborhood. And at $159 the price is right, even if it's more form than function.

What's a bike without accessories?


1 Bicycle Stationery : paperlovelypress 2 LED Bicycle Light : amazon 3 Vintage Schwinn Graphic T : happyfamily 4 iPhone Bike Mount : amazon 5 Handlebar Basket : amazon 6 Coil Bike Lock 7 Helmet : yakkay