Spring Weddings: In Bloom 

Say what you will about losing an hour of sleep, but seeing the sun at 7 pm (or later) is enough to put me in a good mood for the next 6 months. Spring is eagerly bursting forth; offering glorious, jacket-free days ahead. No wonder so many people choose this seasonal love-fest to get married.

Last weekend Roger and Kortnie tied the knot here in DC. I was lucky enough to work with the happy couple designing their wedding package (save-the-dates, invites and programs). Here is a sample of their sweet spring invitations. Congratulations, Newlyweds!



Twilight: A Confession 

                    On the other hand, it’s not something I want to claim allegiance to via a bumper sticker, poster, necklace, t-shirt, waffle iron, change purse... you get my point. But, it’s true: I like Twilight.

I was officially outed at a friend’s house this weekend when someone asked “how many of those movies are there?” Then my eager, split second response of “there are 4 books, but 5 movies! See, they are splitting the last book into 2 movies...” Instead of sounding like an informed movie-goer, I realized I had sounded like an overanxious tween. 20 eyes looked up - she’s one of those people. Thankfully someone else started talking while I tried to melt into the couch.

At least I was a reluctant Twilight fan. After watching the first movie, my sister (like so many of us do) fell victim to the mania. She immediately bought and read all 4 books and then insist I follow suit. She (lovably)  forced the movie on me and our husbands during a weekend road trip. It seemed fairly benign, but I could not get on board with reading the series.

1. People who read them get obsessed. Not in the “cool storyline” or “ooo, plot twist!” kind-of-way. But more in the “wouldn’t it be great if I were dating a fictional, teenage Vampire” sense. My sister confessed that she would read alone, dreaming of Edward asking her to prom. What kind of harlequin fairy tale was this to make so many married women become unglued?

2. I felt like I was cheating on Harry Potter. Laugh if you must (since I am less embarrassed by this fandom), but I truly love that franchise. Was there room for another adolescent, mythical boy series in my life?

Turns out, there was. Thanks to the continued “Big Sis” persistence and a well-timed vacation I finally succumbed. A few weeks, and 4 books later, I was glad did. It was a great escape (exactly what a beach read should be). I really enjoyed my stopover in Forks and then - I let it go. No multiple reads. No Vampire daydreams. No Taylor Lautner stalking. I think Twilight is like alcohol. Don’t give it to children and enjoy in safe quantities.

My sister and I still have fun being elbow deep in soccer moms and puberty when the movies come out. The soundtracks are surprisingly rich with Indie treasures (and worth buying). Stephenie Meyer and I even share MUSE as a band favorite and source of inspiration. Really, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.




*For a hilarious look at those people watch this season’s Parks and Recreation episode “Time Capsule.” Available now at   



The Oscars: Simplified 

Overwhelmed with love for several of this year's Best Picture nominees, I had a hard time rooting for a winner. And yet, I was completely underwhelmed by last night's red carpet fashions. To get that taste out of my mouth, I thought I'd share these minimalistic Best Picture posters found at Yahoo's Oscar Coverage.


UP! The story of us

Last year for Valentine's Day Matt gave me a copy of UP! He said it was like our love story, and if you know us, you know how true that is. Quiet and thoughtful boy falls in love with loud, adventurous girl. She keeps his life interesting, he keeps her grounded. It's so very us.

This year Matt gave me the sweetest follow-up gift

Outside of my engagement ring, I think this is the most significant symbol of our marriage: The Adventure Club.

Carl and Ellie's wedding scene is one of my favorites from the movie. Her huge, boisterous family jumps up and shouts for joy while his (much smaller) half of the church claps politely. If I could do it again now, I think I might have an UP! themed wedding. Or at least a photoshot. Check out this beautiful engagement shoot from California-based Wildflowers Photography.


Building a Wall

In theory, I love gallery walls. In reality, 9 out of 10 times they look sloppy and cluttered.

It took a little courage, but I finally decided to give one a try. My real motivation was the collection of vintage maps that I've been accumulating. Some from a 1954 Atlas that belonged to my globe-trotting Aunt Chris. Others from my parent's college year abroad spanning '67-'68. I knew the project would take a little planning to look cohesive...

Diana helping me buy and organize frames at IKEA

Some of the many layout attempts on my floor.

Cardstock templates to help visualize the final product.


My favorite map didn't make the wall. This beauty from the "1967 Guide to London" shows major trunk roads in Southern England. It is framed separately on the living room side table.

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